May 15, 2008 Loop Installation


We began by digging next to the inefficient four year old electric air conditioner that is now abandoned.


The outlet 6' away from the inlet to be installed later.  That foam sealant is tough to clean up. Use gloves!

Pipe are only 3-4' deep entering the walkout basement.


About 75' into the trench, around stone walls and trees and drains.


The Pipe looked like a lawn sculpture!  The  flagging shows the station distances. Ground was spray painted for Mike to dig.


Mark is at the footing drain crossing, while Mike Wolford of Torrington does a professional job with his excavator.

To contact Mike or Mark, call Stacey at 860 496-9984.


Mike at about 150LF.


The footing and leader drains must be cut, so the loop can be placed deeply below it.  Mark adds the Furnco couplings to the splices.


7 feet deep into the groundwater at the deepest. 

Any deeper, and the sides would cave in, and digging is slower.

Average was 5'-6' for real.  Being below the water table is a good thing for geothermal conductivity.


The entire lawn is dug up, but grass is intact for 8' of every 10' width of rows on center.

The high ground water caves the sides in, but is great for thermal conductivity.

The high groundwater table in central Litchfield with deep hardpan soils is ideal for heat transfer.

We installed it about 6' deep on average and 7' in some places.

Deeper than 8' was too difficult because the sides cave in.

(Never enter a trench deeper than 5' because it would be an OSHA violation.)



The smaller pipe is part of a 110' reserve loop placed in the same trench for additional capacity someday if needed. 

The 1 1/2" at 100psi only cost $62.  But web sites warn against sharing trenches with pipe because the thermal load on the soil increases.

We had friends over for pizza at night.

Deacon John, seated, said a nice blessing for the geothermal system.

Lynn chats with him about her 12 year old drilled well geothermal system that has worked perfectly.


My good friend Jack Veerman with Mike's wife Liz Wolford and daughter Tracy.   Who else parties next to the Komatsu?  :)

Looking out my window at the dug up lawn!


Here is the lawn on Memorial Day Weekend with new seed and straw.

Germination underway by June 11.


Here is a short video download taken from the second floor. Sound on. Click here and wait.


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