Geo Pipe



Here was the 2" diameter pipe in our garage before we laid it in the trench. Weight was about 600 pounds.

Move it by keeping it vertical and rolling it. 

1 1/2" will hold less geowater, but will be easier to install in trenches.


Geothermal Pipe similar to that shown above, is available locally at Target Enterprises, Inc. in nearby Thomaston, CT.



Here is the spec: Price is $1300 plus sales tax for the 700+ feet.


Although it is rated up to 160 psi, we fill it with a biodegradable propylene glycol antifreeze and water mixture only.

The pump will have a relief valve at about 40 psi. 

I considered and abandoned this idea of heat splicing because I did not want to risk an underground connection:

If done, it should be accessible through a manhole type port, but why spend the extra money?

Just measure the exact length, and order it in a continuous roll. Wait one to two weeks for shipment from Pennsylvania.

In the end we placed 730 continuous 2" diameter with 100 ' of 1 1/2" diameter as a reserve if we ever want more loop circulation.

This 1 1/2" black polyethylene pipe is similar to the well water pipe line everyone recognizes.

You could save $ by using regular pipeline conduit at 100 psi if cost is a factor, but be careful not to backfill with sharp rocks.

 Here are pressure ratings and thermo info of Sched 40 pipe we did not use:



In 2010 we seal for water tightness by using link seals around the earth loop pipe.



So be innovative if you like, but the 50 year warrantee is worth the price.

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