Estimated Materials Costs 2008


I'm estimating a cost of $10,000 but I have the Cadillac version, installed by excellent licensed heating guys.

 For my house, only the first floor of 2,000 square feet is handled, and upstairs remains on fuel oil.

If the heat pump capacity is exceeded during a real cold spell, the oil system kicks on for the peak load.

But I expect to save almost half of the 1200 gallons we burned last winter.

Hot water still is heated by oil, but we don't have teenage daughters!

We hope to save 500 gallons per year at $4.00 = $2,000 in oil

= almost a barrel a month instead of two barrels a month going up our chimney.

And AC electric cost will go down as we compare CL&P bills from last summer.

30 amp electric meters have been ordered for me to install on both electric supply lines.

We will see if electric use is in fact less than a quarter of conventional AC cooling wattage use.

With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.7, I look for an electric usage rate of 1/4.7 = 21%.

This means a reduction of 79% over what someone else would pay for electric heat.

Web site will be updated as we install and read these meters.

Here was what I paid for my new system in 2008. Cost to my contractor with no markup. Thanks Carl!

1-      50YCS030NCD301301Single stage r-22 Geothermal Heat Pump        
1-      AFCG1B1 Flow Controller                                 $665.00
1-      AFC4C           Cam Lever                                    $22.00
1-      AFC41           Double O-ring Adapter Kit               $60.00
1-      AHK5EC  Hose Kit                                        $126.00
1-      ATP32U01        Tstat                                           $170.00
1-      ASSP30  Pad                                             $42.00

A line set is about $175 and figure maybe $200 for additional materials

 You'll need an electrician to wire the
line voltage ( 220 single phase, probably 30 amps)

or use existing wiring to old air conditioner and use existing hose hit.


For my 2 1/2 tons capacity, CL&P is issuing me $500 per ton = $1250 within 60-90 days of applying on line.

Here is the rebate web link with form to download:



And here is the link about the Federal Tax credit:


And increased to 30% tax credit 2/24/09

Stimulus Bill Increases Homeowner Tax Credit
U.S.The Stimulus Bill signed by the President on February 17th eliminates the $2,000 limit on the 30% tax credit for homeowners who install geothermal heat pump systems in 2009 and later years.  For systems placed in service in 2008, the $2,000 lilmit still applies  So, for example, if a homeowner pays $15,000 for a geothermal heat pump system installed in 2009, a tax credit of $4,500 could apply.

For systems placed in service in 2008, use IRS 2008 Form 5695 for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit to claim the $2,000 tax credit for Energy Star geothermal heat pumps.  You can view and download the form at the following link:    Line 18 on the form is where you enter "Qualified geothermal heat pump property costs", Line 19 is where you multiply costs by 30%, and Line 20 displays the $2,000 "Maximum credit amount" for 2008.



So total materials:

Pipe $1300 + items above $3797 + circuit board for thermostat $200 =

$5297. Propylene Glycol at $200.  Drill rental at $40. Seed and hay at $200.

$5737 . Of course Connecticut charges 6% sales tax on all this: $344.00.

And expect fees for wetlands buffer permits and building permits.

So Materials = $6000 for 2000 sq ft. heating and cooling.


Plus one or two days excavator / ditch witch.

HVAC licensed contractors.

If you have a survey map and know that there are no underground utilities in the way, loop design will be minimal cost.

Labor to install pipe, seal it, and rake and seed lawn.

Under $10,000 for the do it yourselfer with licensed HVAC people?

Figure $15,000 if you need a lot of help.

$20,000 for people to do everything for you.



                                     OUTSIDE WORK



PROJECT:  John and Sue Smith             

                 Geothermal Heating and Cooling

SHEET    1    OF    1


                       , NY


             2008 Prices

SECTION:    1700LF Closed 1 1/2" loop


DRAWING:   3 Tons Capacity 850' Loop

ESTIMATOR: Peter J. Tavino Jr. PE


























1 1/2" Geothermal Pipe

L. Ft





Pipe Freight + Delivery






Plan Design






Field Layout






Verify Septic Location






Stockpile Topsoil






Excavate Trench






Labor Installation and Supervision












Bobcat york rake






Hand rake out big rocks






Seed and hay materials






Seed and hay labor






Drill 4 holes through conc. wall






Hydraulic cement patch both sides
























Removal of sharp rocks extra






Electric Power by homeowner




































Here is a quote I gave as a contractor for a large institutional installation: 

(Interior work and excavator work are separate.)  November, 2008

Re: Installation of 3000 foot long 2" dia. Geothermal Loop


This is one of three estimates to provide you with a geothermal heating/cooling system.

The other two estimates consist of

* the excavating contractor fee to dig and cover the geothermal pipe underground at your property.

* the licensed heating contractor's interior work to install a heat pump, flow circulating pump, the antifreeze & water in the loop pipe, and the associated piping from the loop pipe terminated inside the building, and all wiring, heating/cooling elements, etc.  It also includes all new duct work.


Peter Tavino PEPC will layout a loop on the property according to the underground utility info provided by you. By signing this agreement, you understand how the length was determined, and take responsibility for that amount of loop used.

You will prepay at a rate of $3.50 per foot.

 Estimated cost = $3.50 x 3000 LF =  $ 9750


Peter Tavino will install the 160 psi loop pipe in the 6' +- average deep trench and oversee its backfill.  Every attempt to not backfill with sharp rocks will be made depending on soil conditions encountered.  The pipe will be tested to the 30-40 psi working pressure.  If the pipe does not hold this pressure, Peter Tavino PEPC will supervise the re-excavation, and locate the failure area.  This location will be repaired by heat fused joint or by coupling accessed by a circular ADS manhole.

Cost will be the responsibility of Peter Tavino PEPC and the excavator


Peter Tavino will drill holes through the foundation wall, install the pipes and hydraulically seal the holes to ensure no water leakage. No assessment of cracks in the building will be conducted before hand, and thus there is no liability for cracks claimed to result from the vibration to the foundation.  Peter Tavino PEPC will use the same type of drill that did not damage his own house.

Payment for drilling and sealing shall be for two to four holes.


No marking tape will be placed above the loop. The owner is welcome to document the location through your own mapping and photography.


After the loop pipe has been installed and pressure tested to 30-40 psi successfully for 24 hours, Peter Tavino will be paid a lump sum of $800.


It will be the excavator's responsibility to grade off the topsoil, seed and hay it. It will be the property owner's responsibility to water the seed adequately for germination.


The property owner understands the nature of geothermal systems, and that no government standards are being followed.  As such, the property owner and his rights and assigns agrees that there shall be no litigation regarding the installation, it's benefits, comfort, electric bill, or any effect of the system.  The only area subject to law rights involves the maintenance of working pressure as outlined above.  This guarantee expires one week after installation, when pressure maintenance responsibility shifts to the property owner and away from

Peter Tavino PEPC.



Total cost to Peter Tavino PEPC =


Geothermal Pipe:                                          $___9,750.00__________


Drill, seal foundation                                    $ ___400.00________


Peter Tavino PEPC oversight                       $ ___800.00________



Total:                                                              $__10,950.00 _______



Amount due at signing = Geopipe cost     $ 9,750.



Agreed :________________ __/___/____   


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