Foundation Concrete Drilling


Mary was concerned that drilling a hole through the concrete foundation wall below frost level might shake the house, and crack the sheetrock.

So I went to True Value Hardware in Litchfield and rented the proper hammer drill with adjustable speed settings.

Each hole took about half an hour. There was no vibration throughout the house.  Rental cost was under $40.00.

In old clothes and goggles and earplugs, I cored the 2 1/2" holes.

Then I cleaned up all the dust that got everywhere, so be sure to cover everything with painter's tarp.

(If I had to do it over, I would make myself a poly tent with duct tape on the wall above me to contain the dust.)


Later we drilled two more holes for the reserve piping.

And while I had the drill I added another hole to bring a water line to my garden.

The holes were big enough so that we could pass wire probes from inside/outside thermometers through them next to the geopipe.

Later, fill voids with foam and hydraulic cement.


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